Jay Chou Sells 10,000 ‘Phanta Bears’ NFTs, Sets New World Records

4th January 2022
Jay Chou Sells 10,000 ‘Phanta Bears’ NFTs, Sets New World Records

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has joined the NFT craze by selling 10,000 digital avatars. The NFTs, designed by Chou’s PHANTACi fashion brand, sold out in less than 40 minutes on New Years Day.

Titled ‘Phanta Bears’, the NFTs feature vibrant cartoon bears sporting clothing designed by Chou’s fashion brand with various accessories. The collection was launched by Ezek – the decentralised entertainment platform created by Starvision.

On Opensea, Phanta Bears sold for as high as 1.3 ETH (USD 3,716.53), making it among the top four most sold NFT series on the digital platform.

Chou’s sales amassed over USD 10 million, breaking the record for the fastest selling NFT in the world in terms of quantity and price.

It also marks the first time a celebrity-linked NFT broke into the top 5 chart. Chou is additioanlly the first Asian singer to sell a record number of NFTs through Ezek.

Looking ahead, Mandopop sensation wants to sell NFT clothing that will be accessible in the gaming metaverse as well as physically wearable.

The NFT sale isn’t Chou’s first auction either. Raising USD 109 million, Chou has a track record of selling art at Sotheby’s.

Written by Bread News Team
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