NFT Projects Are Taking Over Hong Kong’s Central Ad Space

5th January 2022
NFT Projects Are Taking Over Hong Kong’s Central Ad Space

NFT projects are taking over Hong Kong’s prime advertising space with the message that the digital art form is “more than just a JPEG.”

Delirious Mind Travelers – an NFT project started by a team of four recent graduates – bought up the ad space to promote the sale of their cartoons and digital koalas.

Located in between the Central and Hong Kong subway stations, the 200-meter advert reads: “NFTs going mainstream is inevitable.” “Three letters. Infinite potential.” “NFTs: Art with utility. More than just a JPEG.”

NFT project Degenerate Ape Academy, which comprises of 10,000 digital portraits of cartoon apes, also held a 90-second advert on a curved screen just outside the city’s famous drinking area Lan Kwai Fong.

Featuring a variety of their signature digital apes, the message wished Hong Kong’s 7.5 million citizens a merry Christmas.

Other local NFT projects including Bunny Warriors, LuckyKittens, GoingApe and Cyber Ape Age have also been putting up large billboards across the city.

“Booming cryptocurrencies and NFTs have made a lot of people very rich over the past months,” Degenerate Ape community member Burger Bob said to SCMP. “This is just the beginning.”

Written by Bread News Team
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