Steve Aoki Launches His Own Metaverse And NFT Platform Called ‘A0K1VERSE’

28th January 2022
Steve Aoki Launches His Own Metaverse And NFT Platform Called ‘A0K1VERSE’

Steve Aoki has immersed himself even further into the digital world by launching his own metaverse and NFT platform.

Titled A0K1VERSE, Aoki’s metaverse project is described as “a new ecosystem bridging real-world experiences with web2 and web3 by rewarding NFT collectors and creating new experiences for members” built as a “tokenized social club.”

Aoki has been a staunch believer in NFT technology. In March, the American DJ’s NFT art collection Aoki’s Dream Catcher made over USD 4 million in sales. Former T-Mobile President John Legere paid USD 888,888.88 for one of Aoki’s NFTs.

The Dim Mak label founder even stopped one of his live sets to show off an NFT he bought for 269.9 ETH.

Being a member of A0K1VERSE will earn token holders exclusive access to physical and digital rewards from Aoki and his network, including free concert tickets and early access to NFTs.

Private events, metaverse experiences, free apparel, and digital wearables, exclusive access to brand collaborations including physical toys and digital collectibles, are also perks promised to A0K1VERSE members.

A0K1 Credits and the Passport are the “core building blocks” of the A0K1VERSE. A0K1 Credits are ERC-1155 NFTs with a total supply cap of 30,000, which will be given to Aoki’s existing NFT hodlers for free.

The Passport is “a revolutionary NFT that dynamically evolves over time” that serves as A0K1VERSE’s “central functionality,” developed in partnership with NFT platform Manifold.

Users can obtain A0K1 Passports by redeeming A0K1 Credits, and can upgrade their Passports for increased reward tiers.

Higher tier Passport rewards include in-person meets with Aoki himself.

“Members can get everything from presale access to free mints on my NFTs, access to friend & family NFT projects, concert tickets, physical & digital collectibles along with an array of real world and metaverse experiences all token gated through membership,” Aoki wrote on Twitter.

“It’s an exclusive membership unlike any other community out there. Imagine an NFT that will grow with you over time & the more invested u are in it, the more rewards u will receive.”

Written by Bread News Team
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