Square Enix Partners Sandbox for Metaverse RPG Despite NFT Backlash

2nd March 2022
Square Enix Partners Sandbox for Metaverse RPG Despite NFT Backlash

Square Enix is pursuing its foray into the blockchain by partnering with The Sandbox to produce a metaverse RPG.

Titled Dungeon Siege, the collaboration revives the 2002 Square Enix series which has laid dormant since 2011 despite over selling 1.7 million copies across its several sequels.

The metaverse offering comes in two parts: “a Dungeon Siege LAND on Square Enix’s estate with interactive RPG experiences” and “Dungeon Siege voxel characters and items available for players and creators to incorporate into their unique experiences using The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit and Game Maker #nocode creation tools”, according to an announcement.

Set in the medieval kingdom of Ehb, the series follows a young farmer and his companions who combat an invading force.

The move comes just months after Square Enix drew serious flak from the gaming community for endorsing NFTs. In his New Year’s letter, company president Yosuke Matsuda discussed new technology that could impact the video game landscape, including AI and 5G wireless connectivity.

Gamers and industry representatives were displeased by Matsuda’s message that playing games for fun would not necessarily be the main incentive for developers.

Nonetheless, the Japanese gaming developer has seemingly continued its venture into metaverse with The Sandbox partnership.

Dungeon Siege has always been about inspiring adventure and entering The Sandbox metaverse to empower players to craft their own personal adventures opens an exciting new chapter for the franchise”, said Hideaki Uehara, director of business development of Square Enix.

For The Sandbox, the collaboration is not the first the Animoca Brands subsidiary has partaken in. Last month, Ubisoft joined forces with The Sandbox to bring The Rabbids to their metaverse. Interestingly, the deal also came shortly after Ubisoft faced heavy criticism from the gaming community for announcing it would integrate NFTs into its game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 

Written by Bread News Team
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