Singapore Sex Coach Celebrates International Women’s Day With Womb NFTs

9th March 2022
Singapore Sex Coach Celebrates International Women’s Day With Womb NFTs
Image credit: Rice Media / ARAS

A Singaporean sex coach has commemorated International Women’s Day 2022 by releasing a series of womb-themed NFTs.

Titled #CelebrateWomb, the collection comes from a partnership between certified intimacy coach Dr Angela Tan’s Academy of Relationships and Sex (ARAS) and local artist MOKO.

Founded by Tan, ARAS offers a platform to help people form connections to strengthen relationships and expression of sexual identity.

As described on their website, the International Women’s Day project celebrates the role of the womb in “being the safe space where we were first nurtured, the place where all humans are created. It incubated life, allowed us to thrive and achieved feats after feats in the history of humanity”.

The project also helps to break away from labels such including “menstruation is shameful” and “menstrual blood is dirty” as part of their #BreaktheBias campaign.

#CelebrateWomb features two series of NFT art: Floral Matrix and Womb of Life. The former has a floor price of 0.002 ETH whilst the latter’s floor price is 0.075 ETH.

Floral Matrix is described as a set of NFTs created in-house with a freelance artist that depict “the womb in its life-nurturing role with flourishing flowers around it”. The word Matrix has its roots in Latin, originally meant breeding female and subsequently meant “womb”.

Womb of Life features work from MOKO that represents the womb “as the gateway to the universe which enables creation. In the expression, the Flower represents life and labor of love”.

The collection intends to inspire women to “recognise the sacred power in them that women are the bearers of life, miracles and light to the world”.

Written by Bread News Team
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