HK Star Shawn Yue’s New World Record Reaffirms Celebrity Power in NFTs

22nd March 2022
HK Star Shawn Yue’s New World Record Reaffirms Celebrity Power in NFTs
Image credit: Instagram / Zombieclub

Last week, Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue set a new world record with his new NFT collection.

When Yue’s Zombieclub Token went on presale at 9 pm on 15 March, the NFTs reached the top of OpenSea in just 2 hours and 42 minutes – a new record for the platform.

Yue reportedly held regular meetings with his team for almost half a year to plan and execute the NFT launch.

Selling at 0.666 ETH, Yue encouraged his fans to join his free Discord if the price was out of their budget.

Yue also took to social media to thank his team and community. “Thank you to each and every one of the ZOMBIES who supported us. This is your accomplishment, I love you all! Remember, we don’t want to be proud, this is just the beginning for us, the four of us have our sights set on more, we are ready to charge out of Asia!”

The landmark isn’t Yue’s first foray into the NFT market either. In 2021, the 40-year-old raised over HK$121.6 million through an online auction for products including 14 NFTs that even featured a CryptoPunk.

Other celebrities in Asia have launched NFTs with varying degrees of success. When Jay Chou dropped his PhantaBear NFTs last month, fans’ expectations were certainly matched –10,000 NFTs sold out in under 40 minutes, fetching the Taiwanese pop star an easy US$10 million.

However, Edison Chen’s Red NVLPE NFT collection was notoriously launched with a plague of technical issues that led to merciless backlash from the community.

It seems that whilst celebrity clout can certainly drive NFT projects harder and faster than your average joe, it’s still no guarantee of success.

Written by Bread News Team
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