Beijing Excludes Caixin From List Of Offical News And We’re Not Surprised

21st October 2021
Beijing Excludes Caixin From List Of Offical News And We’re Not Surprised

Beijing has removed Caixin Media from an updated list of internet news providers that can be republished.

On Wednesday, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced an approved list of 1,358 domestic news outlets, approximately four times the amount in the last list that was updated in 2016.

The CAC also claimed that the news list includes more public and social media accounts.

However, Caixin Media was excluded from the 2021 list, with the country’s internet watchdog stating that outlets were deleted because they “no longer fit the conditions, have poor performance, or lack influence”.

Caixin Media was established in 2009 by founder Hu Shuli, and has gained a reputation for its highly controversial investigative journalism. In 2016, it described the CAC as “a government censorship organ” in an English-language article that also stated that the Chinese version was deleted from its website.

Earlier this month, Beijing introduced a proposal that would bar private capital from news gathering and distribution operations.

Beijing has aggressively reined in its tech, education, and entertainment sectors amidst a wider crackdown in recent months, citing the need for “common prosperity”.

One Bread journalist thinks that China’s moves only serve to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

Image Credit: Ezreal Zhang on Unsplash

Written by Bread News Team
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