China’s Top EV Battery Maker Charges Smaller Rival

22nd July, 2021
China’s Top EV Battery Maker Charges Smaller Rival

CATL might be China’s top electric vehicle battery maker but it won’t spare its smaller rivals when it comes to IP violations.

The battery maker claimed in a lawsuit that rival CALB is using its technologies that have been used on tens of thousands of vehicles.

CATL, which supplies Tesla and Volkswagen, filed the lawsuit in Fuzhou near its Ningde headquarters.

CALB has refuted the allegations on WeChat, stating it only focused on independent research and technology advancement. The company claim that the batteries supplied to customers have already passed IP assessments that negate the violations.

CALB is the fourth biggest EV battery maker in China, behind BYD and LG Energy Solution.

Image credit: Bread News / Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash

Written by Bread News Team
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