Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Announces First Generative NFT Drop On Tezos At Singapore FinTech Festival

9th November 2021
Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Announces First Generative NFT Drop On Tezos At Singapore FinTech Festival

Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda has announced an NFT drop on Tezos at the 2021 Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF).

As a guest speaker at SFF, Shinoda discussed how he first ventured into the world of NFTs after he was inspired by a Kuala Lumpur-based fan. Since young, Munira Hamzah had been a fan of Linkin Park and caught the attention of Shinoda through her artwork.

“There was a fan named Munira, who goes by Moon”, Shinoda said. “She kept posting fan art in a kind of an 8-bit style – like original Nintendo video games style of art. And I loved it”.

Shinoda then encouraged her to turn her artwork into an NFT, telling her that he would buy her first piece if she did so.

“She made it and I did buy it”, Shinoda said. “And fast forward a few months, and she’s now not only in her community in Kuala Lumpur and in Malaysia but she’s a an independent full time artist now she’s a community leader in the whole Tezos community”.

Tezos is a decentralized, open-source proof-of-stake blockchain network.

For Shinoda, the biggest appeal of NFTs is providing the opportunity for artists to make a living by selling their work on the blockchain.

“I think that that to me, that element of real ownership and exchange of value”, Shinoda said of his favourite aspect of NFTs. “It opens a new door for creative people to be more creative. We want to find ways to take the things that we make and the things that we invent and share them with our community”.

“And build tighter communities build more vibrant communities and support the art. So that somebody – whether it’s me or whether it’s somebody like Moon, especially somebody like Moon – can make a living doing what they love to do”.

Shinoda then took the opportunity to announce his very first generative NFT drop on Tezos.

“This is a bit of an announcement – I’m prepping a my very first generative drop on Tezos It’s going to be an art and music drop”, Shinoda revealed. “It’s coming imminently so I’ll be announcing the specifics of that on Twitter and discord in the weeks to come”.

The 44-year-old musician didn’t give too much away about his upcoming drop but likened his involvement in NFTs to how fans explore their love for his work.

“I always remember there are people out there with Linkin Park tattooed on their body”, he said. “There’s people out there with my art that I’ve painted or I’ve drawn, or the words from a song tattooed on their body. And so I kind of have to live up to that standard in a sense”.

“I think it’s something that in all of us who create things, whether it’s you painting on canvas or whether it’s the business that has a brand and a logo. It’s like you’re on the hook for that stuff”.

Image credit: Michelle Callahan

Written by Bread News Team
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