Netizens Claim Dior Is “Trying To Downgrade Chinese People” With Exhibition Photo

18th November 2021
Netizens Claim Dior Is “Trying To Downgrade Chinese People” With Exhibition Photo

Dior has come under fire in China for exhibiting a photo that “smears Asian women” in Shanghai.

As part of the LADY DIO show, the picture shows an Asian woman wearing a traditional costume whilst holding a Dior bag.

The image was captured by a Chinese photographer but has since drawn flak from reporters in China.

State-owned media house Beijing Daily questioned the image in an article with the headline “Is This the Asian Woman in Dior’s Eyes?”

The article described the image as featuring “spooky eyes, gloomy face, and Qing Dynasty-styled nail armor.”

“The photographer is playing up to the brands, or the aesthetic tastes of the Western world”, the publication said.

“For years, Asian women have always appeared with small eyes and freckles from the Western perspective, but the Chinese way to appreciate art and beauty can’t be distorted by that”.

Netizens on Weibo echoed similar sentiment, blasting the photo for catering to the Western stereotype image of Asians and insulting the Eastern civilisation.

Some mocked the photoshoot theme appearing to represent“the underworld”, “a horror film” or “a zombie”. 

One user said the photos demonstrate how the Western world advocates democracy and freedom as a “trick to exploit and trample on the Chinese”.

“They did it intentionally. They totally know the ways to uglify Chinese and downgrade Chinese”, the comment read.

Written by Bread News Team
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