Sony Shows Off PS5 Games Owned By Microsoft That Xbox Users Can’t Play

13th September 2021
Sony Shows Off PS5 Games Owned By Microsoft That Xbox Users Can’t Play

Sony [ ] has showcased two upcoming Playstation 5 games owned by rivals Microsoft that won’t be playable on Xbox until 2022.

On Thursday 9 September 2021, Sony held a 40-minute presentation showing off the future of their flagship console.

Titles including sequels to 2018’s smash hits Spider-Man and God of War stole the show, whilst an unexpected new Marvel game based on Wolverine proved more divisive.

Amid the lineup of PS5’s near future were two games that are technically owned by rival Microsoft. Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo were both produced by publisher Bethesda Softworks, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2020.

However, due to exclusivity rights agreed by Sony and Bethesda prior to the latter’s acquisition by Microsoft, both games will be available on PS5 and not Xbox when released.

Deathloop is set for release on 14 September 2021 and Ghostwire: Tokyo will hit shelves in Spring 2022. Whilst PC gamers will have access to both games, Xbox users will have to wait at least a year to play either title.

This bizarre situation between the two gaming behemoths is one of the weirdest plot twists in the console war story.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed it sold 10 million PS5s in record time.

Image credit: Bethesda

Written by Bread News Team
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